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Medical Billing

Our expert medical billing services increase revenue and get payments faster.

Hospital Billing

Experience seamless revenue cycle management and enhanced cash flow.

Credentialing Services

Streamline your medical billing success with our comprehensive credentialing solutions

Coding Services

Unlock coding excellence and streamline your healthcare operations with our expert coding.

Eligibility Verification

Ensure accurate coverage information and enhance revenue integrity

Denial Management

Take control of your revenue cycle and reclaim lost revenue with our proactive denial management.

Account Receivable

Maximize cash flow and accelerate revenue collection with our results-driven accounts receivable management


Fully HIPAA Compliant

Since the core of our business is the handling of medical data, we have a contract with one of the top IT security companies in the country to ensure that the most recent encryption and data protection protocols are in place.

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Our revenue has gone up by 30%, first-through pass rates are great, and we have complete visibility through the entire process..

Harry James

Precise BS provides quality service. Customer support is very well trained and able to solve our problems.

Michael David

Precise BS takes the pressure off of you so that you can focus on providing quality healthcare services to your patients.


What Our Customer Say

Precise BS works hard to offer the greatest customer service and ongoing product and service improvement.